The Storm, once lifetimes away, lays siege to the shore

With big-ass, bull shark-bitch-slapping waves.

I’d been saying it since I started this thing, but they’re finally here.

A massive thanks to the talented team at Kader Printing for helping me see this project through. I have no idea what any of this is going to do, but it’s been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

With that in mind, I kick in the front gate.

Storenvy Link Banner


And so it begins…

…it’s been a looooooooooooooooooong time coming (as implied by the excessive amount of O’s), but I’m very excited to say that shirts are in production and I’ve been graced with a progress photo from the talented crew at Kader Printing. Feast your eyes and ready your wallets, Tenmao shirts are looming over the horizon. This one is a design exclusively for the ladies, but fret not, gents; more are definitely on the way.

And the storm grows stronger still…

Tenmao Shirt View 1

Tenmao Shirt View 1

With Fingers Ashen and Crumbling Still

And no, it’s not because I don’t have lotion nearby.

Frontman Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder once wrote:

“I’m winding down to nothing/ It’s suddenly so clear/ I’m winding down to nothing/ A human smoke that fills the air.”

Needless to say, the semester’s left me battered and worn and quite frankly, I feel pretty close to the aforementioned state of being (or dissolution, whatever). Melodic-Death Metal quotes aside, I’m still in the frame of mind to get my art on for myself and others (so long as the project’s right, of course).

This particular illustration was done for the gang over at Wu Designs (Wu Designs, Tenmao Designs, it only makes sense). A clothing company based in Germany that caters to melding contemporary, urban fashion with traditional Chinese martial arts apparel and equipment, they wanted a design to capture the quiet intensity and subtle power that distinguishes their style. Together, we came up with a representation of Guan Yu. The epitome of martial valor and honor, I have to say I was very excited to tackle this project (besides, he’s one of my favorite characters in the Dynasty Warriors series).

Please believe I’m gonna get my hands on one of these bad boys when it’s finished. As the shirt says, “Real Warriors Have No Day Off,” and I’ve been on my art grind since 2013 began. More exciting projects are underway, including album covers, more metal shirts, and of course, my own Tenmao shirts (which have just entered production).

Progress photos as they’re made available, y’all. Now…


Guan Yu

Guan Yu

Mild for the Night

I’d go full-on A$AP Rocky and Skrillex and say I’m “Wild for the Night,” but I’m too old for that and it makes my joints hurt.

Just the same, the semester’s speeding to a close and I’m still plugging away at commissions. Shirt stuff is in the throes of production and once designs are confirmed as not too ridiculous to print, I’m throwin’ up thumbnails for everyone to check out. The last shirt definitely captured the feel I wanted for the Tenmao line, but these are gonna catch it and kill it like you wouldn’t believe. At the same time, I’m really missing doing art that’s wired just for me. Hopefully the summer will provide enough time to hit that stuff again. I’ve got a casket full of ideas in the back of my brain I’m ready to necromance to life. D’ah well, all in due time.

In the mean time, enjoy the latest commissioned piece for Cleveland metal monsters WRETCH (I love the name for some reason). Always did love what I came up with while listening to Heavy Metal. Three color spread with halftones and brontosaurus butt-ton of “brutal.”  Have to say it was a real treat to go back to my comic-styled roots on this piece. Enjoy…and be ready for those shirts in the very near future.



The Busiest…and Consequently, Most Ill-Tempered…Bee

I’d like to think if I was the winged, honey-bearing insect and knew my sting meant my death, I’d craft for myself a stinger made of a rusted fishhook.

In any light, it’s been quite some time since my last post, and that’s not because I’m lazy it’s because of a fine cocktail of big-kid responsibilities and commissions. Compound that with me trying to wrap up designs for my second wave of shirts, and you have someone moving in a dozen different directions at once. Nevertheless, it feels good to have multiple irons on the fire…even if I don’t have the proper hand-wear to manage the metal.

Speaking of metal, Cleveland-metal monarchs in Deadiron recently pressed another design of mine for an exclusive girl’s hoodie. There’s a blown-up image of it below, and you can go to their merch page if you’re interested in buying one. Speaking about  shirts, my designs are actually done (“nearly” if not “completely”) and are almost fit to be sent to the fantastic folks at Kader Printing for transfer to fabrics. Expect three all-purpose tees and one exclusive for the ladies. The crop tease below previews a few of these plus some of the other commissions I’ve been hacking away at. Keep your eyes peeled for the final results!

Oh, one last thing. While I won’t beg for “likes” on Facebook, I realize that the “likes,” at least for established businesses and the like, are a visible indicator of exposure. That having been said, gimme more. If we can break 200 by oh say the middle of April, I might be forced to do something in thanks for the support.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep my clothes on.

DeadIronGirlsSkull CropTease13

Valentine’s Day Massacre

…there’s blood all over the sketchpad, y’all! 

The semester’s off and running at full speed, but I’ve made it a point to get art things done bit by bit here and there. Beyond shirts (I know I said I’d post designs soon, but they’re not yet where I want them to be) and commissions (these I can’t wait to post! Just waiting for approval from the clients), I sometimes find myself doing too many “serious” tasks. Those who know me I like to keep things light, and it’s during times like these where I drop all the heavy projects and opt for something light. 

That having been said, I thought Cupid deserved some more-modern accoutrements for his trade. 

To the single, the happy couple, the couple-all-too-close-to-Chris-and-Rihanna, and 2nd amendment enthusiasts across the nation, I give you “I Never Miss” and wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. 


For all those interested…

Cleveland hardcore heavyweights Hood Life have launched their brand new web store where they’re selling the Pit Bull shirt illustrated by yours truly. Stop by their page and listen to some tunes to soundtrack that angry drive home.

Hood Life Merch

I think I’m gonna need to get me one o’ these fancy-pants online store thingies once these new designs are done….*hint hint*

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