Hire/Commission Me

Rather than give a long list of criteria, I figure a few guidelines should be stated to help you decide whether or not I’m the one for your project:

  • If you’ve made it this far, it can be assumed you like my style/ subject matter. That having been said, while I am capable of replicating other styles, do both of us a favor and know that if you want me to imitate another’s style that maybe you should just go ask them. It only makes sense. My style isn’t exactly what many would call “pleasant” and “cheerful,” so use your own discretion before you ask me to draw you a mother deer and her fawn in a clearing. It’s not out of my character to draw a doe covered in the innards of her offspring with a murderous hunter cackling the background just to spite you.
  • While I appreciate those who would let me “do what I do” on their project, this is still your project. In that light, please try to consider the following when you’re telling me what you want to have done: level of detail, where this design is going to be used (shirt/album/tattoo/etc.), and your financial limits. All of these will play a role in the final cost of your design, turn around time, and whether or not I can accept the project.
  • Finally, no, I won’t work for free. You wouldn’t work for free, would you? You wouldn’t ask a prostitute for a freebie, right? If you would, and they said “yes,” I suggest you get off this page and go to your local free clinic.
In short, serious inquiries only, please.
Still here? Still interested? Contact me at tenmaodesigns@gmail.com. The more specific and detailed your email, the faster my gears of abominable creation can turn.

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