So this is me attempting to strike a balance somewhere in between my “big-kid profession” and that part of me that thrives in creativity and imagination. I tried subscribing to one entirely and like a third-world condom, it just didn’t fit right. Working as a composition instructor is fulfilling in many respects, but the freedom to cater to and further my own creativity isn’t there. Realizing that took sometime, leading to some days face-down in anger and sadness at what I’d let my life become, but this site, for me, is a return to my true form. I’m a doodler `til death; the majority of my notes from grad school and faculty meetings are covered in images not unlike those that you’ll find here on this page (not like this page in particular, but you get the idea).

I hope you enjoy what I’ve done here. I spend a lot of time working on these and have to say I appreciate anyone who takes the time to look at them. Even to the proverbial “hater,” I appreciate you being here (if you’re still reading this, admit, you’re a fan and we can be friends). Things will be available for purchase soon if you’d like one of these drawings to call “your own.” If you want one as a tattoo, I can’t stop you from printing the design from the internet, but please, at the very least, send me a picture of the final tattoo (I’d truly be honored). I’m available for commissions so long as they’re in my creative vein (check the “hire me” page). Finally, while I’m fine with anyone looking on and admiring (even spitting upon) my work, any theft of my work will be met with lethal I mean legal repercussions. No work present here may be reproduced or sold without my written consent. Beyond being assailed by the legal system, I might be inclined to find out where you live and fill your house with the tears of your mother as she will weep seas when she sees what I’ve done to you.

All that aside, thanks and enjoy!


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