We Greet the Year’s End with a Sale

With any luck, everyone survived the holidays with as much money and sanity left over to ring in the New Year. It’s just around the corner, so why not ring it in with some of the wares over at my store? I’m trying to make some room to get some more things done in the coming 2015, so I’m gonna knock 40% off everything in the store from now until, well, everything’s run out. There’s a lot I want to do but the present inventory is taking up space so in the spirit of that late-night salesman with a ferocious U-Hawk and a tacky plaid blazer, ahem, “EVERYTHING MUST GO!” Tees, hoodies, henleys, beanies, it’s all marked down. Just type in the discount code “THREADOCIDE” at checkout to activate the discount. Please share this with anyone you know. Martial artists, military, folks who are just bad-ass in their own way, this line is for them AND you. In the mean time, please, any and everyone who reads this, have yourselves a Happy New Year and may any dream you foster take shape in your hands. Take care and Bow to None.



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