The Sister Abigail Seal of Approval

I’d always heard about it, even seen it covered on G4 tv when the time came, but I’d never gone to a Comic Con until last weekend. It was in Columbus, Ohio, and truth be told, nothing there was really worth the 2.5 hour trip for me…

…until I heard Bray Wyatt was going to be there.

There’s probably a multitude of things (like four) that a friend of mine could tell you, and one of those things is that I grew up on professional wrestling. The outlandish characters and their insane storylines and performances was always incredible to me. Admittedly, I began to fall away from it post-Attitude Era WWE, but recently, they started getting back to a character driven approach to things. For a while it seemed like everyone in the ring was “just a guy being himself in black trunks,” and while that worked for a lot of superstars, it wore thin for me, fast. Then came Bray Wyatt and I was floored. Everything about the guy was a breath of fresh air for  me, and I was so taken with his character that I wanted to draw him. I even broke away from my clean-styled coloring and used a more painterly one. Being as how it’s only my second time with the method, I have to say I’m happy with how it came out. Nevertheless, my brother and I made the voyage and I got to stand before the Wyatt Family patriarch as well as Luke Harper and Erik Rowan and listen to all three of them compliment my efforts. If you’ve never experienced anything like that, let me tell you there’s no feeling like someone appreciating something you did because of them. I’ve had it one other time in terms of my art; back in 2001 at the Pledge of Allegiance Tour when I waited in the rain to have Slipknot sign two illustrations I did (I was a huge Slipknot fan). Two members no longer with the band even signed it (Joey Jordison and Paul Gray, R.I.P.). It felt like a cycle had been complete with both the musicians and the wrestler; their craft inspired my craft, which in turn was appreciated by the facilitators of the inspirational craft. It’s awesome to say the least.

I’m uploading a picture of the drawing here. If it looks really dark I apologize; I’m not exactly tech savvy and don’t know how to calibrate my colors between my monitor, the internet, and Manga Studio 5 or Photoshop CS5. Sometimes I’d like to think I’d put more into this, but I know there’s other things I pour myself into. Maybe one day I’ll discuss that here. Until then, though, please and by all means, like and share this drawing where ever you think it’d be appreciated. Bray Wyatt already signed it himself and I already gave him a copy of the poster (he’s a gracious guy for sure), so please believe it’s gonna be framed and hung in the office. Stay tuned for more shirt shizz in the coming future; the semester’s almost over, and I’ve got a lot I want to do, including a fairly major announcement for an artistic nobody like me haha.

Take care, all, and as usual, Bow to None.




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