Back-floatin’ in Bedlam

So the semester nears the midterm mark, and against the din of panicked first-year students and cranky pupils near graduation, here I sit, smiling over a sketchbook, anxiously awaiting for the new shirts to arrive.

It’s been a busy (like seriously busy) past couple weeks. On top of the family life, I’ve been juggling projects of both personal and professional natures, and oddly enough, I’ve been pleased with all of them. I just wrapped up a Warriors-themed illustration for Ohio metallers , and am about to close in on two more commissions for California metal act and German martial arts/fitness group . On top of that, I just recently submitted some designs to be printed by the fine folks at on not just tee shirts, but some other cool stuff as well. What’s more, I’m presently trying to crack out some drawings for a print series I want to run for Halloween (time to use that LLC haha!).

Needless to say, things are busy, but damn I feel alive. I’ll post progress pics as they come up, but here’s a shot of one of the doodles I’m working on for the print series as well one of the new designs for the Fall’s shirts from the Tenmao line. Feel free to like and share this stuff where you can, it only helps and I can’t express how grateful I’ll be.

`Til next time, folks, take care.Feel free to follow me on Instagram or shoot me a like on Facebook.

Bow to None.

Upcoming design from the Tenmao Fall line! Bow to Non!

Upcoming design from the Tenmao Fall line! Bow to Non!


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