Against an Army of Thousands, I Wield but a Dagger

Okay, if there’s an award for “Most Epic” or “Overly Schmaltzy” blog titles, that bastard better be given to me.

Seriously, the semester’s drawing near and that means my time for creativity will be reduced…or will it? Recently, I’ve taken an active role in the lives of my girlfriend’s kids, and let me tip my hat to any parents or single parent out there. Why? Because kids devour time like I wouldn’t believe. It’s not even the kids themselves but all that entails dealing with them (homework/quality time/disciplinary measures/kicking their teeth in in video games/ etc.). At the same time, I have to be a little thankful as the life of what I’m gonna dare to call a “family man” has done little to impede anything on my creative end (that belongs to my video game collection). Instead, they’ve made me appreciate my creative inclinations that much more. It’s made me really have to maximize what little time I do have to do art, and to my surprise, I think my work output’s actually increased. There are still a number of things I’m working on, but things are slowly creeping out of the sketchpad to say the least. I’m on the cusp of wrapping up another shirt design for my shirt line, and the commissions have been fun lately to say the least. I got the chance to finish one for the Wu Dang Pai gang in Germany for their clothing store. Check it out for all your martial arts and fitness needs, and in the mean time, check the logo I did for them below (some folks might recognize what inspired the design haha). You can follow me on Facebook as well as Instagram and . I’ll be posting progress shots of the most recent design soon, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get to see a shirt I had printed that might get mass-produced if it gets liked enough.

Bow to None, y’all.



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