A Pen dipped in Purpose

Before I begin, I have to apologize to anyone who’s made a comment or posed a question for me on this page. My commitment to this has, historically, been fleeting due to a number of reasons. Unfortunately, that meant neglecting people who took interest in my work and for that I am sincerely sorry. As an agent of the creative process, I’m always in the student’s seat and can’t really ever say I’ll be one to have unlocked all the secrets and mysteries of this winding path, but what I can say is that I’m one who has constantly struggled with “why.”

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I used to copy superheroes like the rest of my friends, and ultimately, started making my own. My skills developed and my horizons broadened and, ultimately, here I sit, unsure of what the Hell I’m supposed to be doing with this skill. I have friends who are literally breaking out in the art world and I couldn’t be happier for them, but something in me never let me comfortably set foot on that same path no matter how much they encouraged me (thank you, guys). I made sites, printed shirts, and as cool as it all was, it was just that: “cool.” I can’t say I really felt compelled to push it or hack away at it, so it stayed a moderate pursuit. Over time, though, that “cool” devolved to “lukewarm” and my concerns for it waned (resulting in a half-hearted commitment to updating this page). It wouldn’t be until this summer when I’d figure out exactly what my malfunction was.

I visited Thailand to see my family and sadly, bury two loving grandmothers. It was in the middle of all that that I remembered my creativity was never JUST in drawing. Even though I’d been drawing since I was a kid, writing was the thing I always enjoyed. Drawing is cool for sure, but writing was always this animal in my head that I could let out of its cage and smile as it rampaged, unmitigated and unchecked. Like the architect of an arcane monster, I’d smile as I wrote. I remember taking workshops and hearing others complain and bemoan the writing process, but I never encountered those stumbling blocks. If I hit a wall, I’d back away for a bit, then come back and things would be smooth-running again. Sadly, it was a workshop that I took in grad school that turned me off from writing (that professor and her crackpot creative methods can choke on Godzilla’s junk for all I care), but I think I’ve come full circle. Even better is that the pieces I’ve been focusing on have an energy about them. There’s a reason behind their creation that goes beyond art for art’s sake and I’m very excited about that. The ultimate plan is complete a short story and do illustrations for key characters and scenes. How I’ll release it I don’t know, but please believe there will be a good source of updates here.

In the mean time, thank you to anyone and everyone who’s left a kind word or support or shared my work on their pages. I can’t thank you enough and will promise to keep my correspondent-douche-baggery to a bare minimum.

I’ve got commissions I’m working on as well as more shirts of my own I’m looking to print. To pass the time, though, here’s a product shot of a design I did for the guys at Wu Designs (Wu Designs, Tenmao Designs, it only makes sense). When we get together, martial arts and visual arts equal “bad-ass”.

Take care all, and Bow to None…including yourself. WuDesignsTurtleandSnake


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