The Maelstrom Reborn

If I’m good for anything, it’s an epic title (sometimes I think they’re better than my actual work haha!) 

I know I’m among the worst social-media-updater people on the internet, but that’s a result of my own uncertainty about what I’m doing.I work as a part-time college writing instructor, and if you know anything about the plight of the adjunct, we’re victims of a tenuous and ever-fluctuating stability that trifles with every fiber of our being. I love my job; I love teaching people how to write, but there’s that creative bit of me that I shamefully pushed to the back to give my attention to what I felt was “more important.” I figured I could satiate my artistic inclinations with a doodle every now and then, making a few shirts here and there. Well, I believe it was Phil Anselmo who said that “everyone has a talent in them, and when they ignore it, they become a bitter and angry person.” Well, I think I arrived there not too long ago amid my net-silence, and while I wont’ be so cliche’ as to say “I’ve broken free of it” or anything like that, I can say I’ve been paying more attention to it. 

Since my last post, I’ve put my art on canvas patches for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gis and even had some of my stuff worn by BJJ Pan American champions (thanks Carli!). As it goes in the art world though, the waves ebbed and flowed, and when it came to me, they seemed to just die. “Cool, it wasn’t meant to be” I thought…

…yeah, nevermind. 

At 33 years of age, I’m uncertain of a variety of things, but I have a precious few things that I am certain of. One such thing is that my imagination won’t stop and I’m a fool for trying to keep it toward the back. In lieu of that, I’m giving my art and my shirts the push I think they deserve. It’s hard, but I think I can make it work. 3 more designs are already in production, so here’s a teaser to show you where my mind has been. 

Needless to say, there’s much more to come…”trust me.” 

Image Image



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