The Pending Milenium Gatecrash

So the tail end of this year was spent face-down in a bunch of “big kid” decisions that divided myself between career and craft. Without going into anything entirely too verbose, it was miserable and infuriating, but the grade books have closed which means the sketchbooks are torn wide fuckin’ open. 

I can’t begin to thank everyone who’s bought a shirt or a hoodie since they’ve been released. The money coming in helps more designs be possible and for that I thank you all. Even with the hectic pace of the semester (slipped up on my Word Press responsibilities!), I managed to chip away at some designs and am unleashing the final one after this post is completed. I really like it as it 1.) is a successful attempt at a new rendering style I’d never used before and 2.) captures my attitude regarding me and getting the things I want. I’ll hope you’ll see it and feel the same way (so much so that you’ll buy it for yourself or a loved one or someone in need of some inspiration). 

Just the same, with all the sales and such going on, I look forward to a winter consisting of not increasing my bra size and a lot of drawing. I’ve signed on for a protracted project with a good friend from across the pond and I’m very excited. I’ma shut up so I can go throw up the new shirt. Head on over to the Tenmao Store and pick up a Holiday gift for a friend or loved one. Hell, maybe even pick up something as a New Year’s gift. After all, 2014’s just around the corner, and this could be your way to help someone you know turn their life around and Bow to None. 


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