We Greet the Year’s End with a Sale

With any luck, everyone survived the holidays with as much money and sanity left over to ring in the New Year. It’s just around the corner, so why not ring it in with some of the wares over at my store? I’m trying to make some room to get some more things done in the coming 2015, so I’m gonna knock 40% off everything in the store from now until, well, everything’s run out. There’s a lot I want to do but the present inventory is taking up space so in the spirit of that late-night salesman with a ferocious U-Hawk and a tacky plaid blazer, ahem, “EVERYTHING MUST GO!” Tees, hoodies, henleys, beanies, it’s all marked down. Just type in the discount code “THREADOCIDE” at checkout to activate the discount. Please share this with anyone you know. Martial artists, military, folks who are just bad-ass in their own way, this line is for them AND you. In the mean time, please, any and everyone who reads this, have yourselves a Happy New Year and may any dream you foster take shape in your hands. Take care and Bow to None.



The Sister Abigail Seal of Approval

I’d always heard about it, even seen it covered on G4 tv when the time came, but I’d never gone to a Comic Con until last weekend. It was in Columbus, Ohio, and truth be told, nothing there was really worth the 2.5 hour trip for me…

…until I heard Bray Wyatt was going to be there.

There’s probably a multitude of things (like four) that a friend of mine could tell you, and one of those things is that I grew up on professional wrestling. The outlandish characters and their insane storylines and performances was always incredible to me. Admittedly, I began to fall away from it post-Attitude Era WWE, but recently, they started getting back to a character driven approach to things. For a while it seemed like everyone in the ring was “just a guy being himself in black trunks,” and while that worked for a lot of superstars, it wore thin for me, fast. Then came Bray Wyatt and I was floored. Everything about the guy was a breath of fresh air for  me, and I was so taken with his character that I wanted to draw him. I even broke away from my clean-styled coloring and used a more painterly one. Being as how it’s only my second time with the method, I have to say I’m happy with how it came out. Nevertheless, my brother and I made the voyage and I got to stand before the Wyatt Family patriarch as well as Luke Harper and Erik Rowan and listen to all three of them compliment my efforts. If you’ve never experienced anything like that, let me tell you there’s no feeling like someone appreciating something you did because of them. I’ve had it one other time in terms of my art; back in 2001 at the Pledge of Allegiance Tour when I waited in the rain to have Slipknot sign two illustrations I did (I was a huge Slipknot fan). Two members no longer with the band even signed it (Joey Jordison and Paul Gray, R.I.P.). It felt like a cycle had been complete with both the musicians and the wrestler; their craft inspired my craft, which in turn was appreciated by the facilitators of the inspirational craft. It’s awesome to say the least.

I’m uploading a picture of the drawing here. If it looks really dark I apologize; I’m not exactly tech savvy and don’t know how to calibrate my colors between my monitor, the internet, and Manga Studio 5 or Photoshop CS5. Sometimes I’d like to think I’d put more into this, but I know there’s other things I pour myself into. Maybe one day I’ll discuss that here. Until then, though, please and by all means, like and share this drawing where ever you think it’d be appreciated. Bray Wyatt already signed it himself and I already gave him a copy of the poster (he’s a gracious guy for sure), so please believe it’s gonna be framed and hung in the office. Stay tuned for more shirt shizz in the coming future; the semester’s almost over, and I’ve got a lot I want to do, including a fairly major announcement for an artistic nobody like me haha.

Take care, all, and as usual, Bow to None.



New Threads

So at long last, the new designs are up and for sale in the webstore. I decided to go beyond just t-shirts this time and make some long sleeve henleys and even a beanie (which is very warm). I’ll post some pics of the designs, but trust me when I saw they’d look much better on you. Quantities are limited, so buy yours today!

I’m sick and everything aches, but guess what? The sketchbook, much like the honey badger, don’t care.

Putting in lines on some Halloween-inspired pieces. Progress shots as I trudge ahead.

PWShirtTenmaoHenley and Beanie


Columbus Day Sale…because celebrating land theft is awesome

Never did understand this “holiday,” but whatever. I’m clearing out a bunch of designs in the shop to make room for the new and significantly-more-awesome stuff, so I’m having a one day sale tomorrow. Simply go to the webstore and type in the code “GENOCIDE” at checkout to receive 20% off your sale price. A lot of the designs there are in their last numbers, so once they’re gone I won’t likely print them again. There are a few hoodies left and it’s getting cold, so pick one up and keep warm while you Bow to None.

Threatening Threads

So the Fall is upon us (and if you’re in Northeast Ohio, it tea-bagged the weather system BRR!), and it’s just in time for some new Tenmao gear to be released. There are three new tee designs on the way (shown here), plus a henley shirt and a beanie being sold with the Tenmao logo on them. I’ll be sure to post a link to the store once they’ve arrived (sometime early this week), but here’s a quick look at them for now.

Pick yours up soon and Bow to None

DreadnoughtShirtSolo StormBringerShirt PWShirt


Back-floatin’ in Bedlam

So the semester nears the midterm mark, and against the din of panicked first-year students and cranky pupils near graduation, here I sit, smiling over a sketchbook, anxiously awaiting for the new shirts to arrive.

It’s been a busy (like seriously busy) past couple weeks. On top of the family life, I’ve been juggling projects of both personal and professional natures, and oddly enough, I’ve been pleased with all of them. I just wrapped up a Warriors-themed illustration for Ohio metallers , and am about to close in on two more commissions for California metal act and German martial arts/fitness group . On top of that, I just recently submitted some designs to be printed by the fine folks at on not just tee shirts, but some other cool stuff as well. What’s more, I’m presently trying to crack out some drawings for a print series I want to run for Halloween (time to use that LLC haha!).

Needless to say, things are busy, but damn I feel alive. I’ll post progress pics as they come up, but here’s a shot of one of the doodles I’m working on for the print series as well one of the new designs for the Fall’s shirts from the Tenmao line. Feel free to like and share this stuff where you can, it only helps and I can’t express how grateful I’ll be.

`Til next time, folks, take care.Feel free to follow me on Instagram or shoot me a like on Facebook.


Bow to None.

Upcoming design from the Tenmao Fall line! Bow to Non!

Upcoming design from the Tenmao Fall line! Bow to Non!

Against an Army of Thousands, I Wield but a Dagger

Okay, if there’s an award for “Most Epic” or “Overly Schmaltzy” blog titles, that bastard better be given to me.

Seriously, the semester’s drawing near and that means my time for creativity will be reduced…or will it? Recently, I’ve taken an active role in the lives of my girlfriend’s kids, and let me tip my hat to any parents or single parent out there. Why? Because kids devour time like I wouldn’t believe. It’s not even the kids themselves but all that entails dealing with them (homework/quality time/disciplinary measures/kicking their teeth in in video games/ etc.). At the same time, I have to be a little thankful as the life of what I’m gonna dare to call a “family man” has done little to impede anything on my creative end (that belongs to my video game collection). Instead, they’ve made me appreciate my creative inclinations that much more. It’s made me really have to maximize what little time I do have to do art, and to my surprise, I think my work output’s actually increased. There are still a number of things I’m working on, but things are slowly creeping out of the sketchpad to say the least. I’m on the cusp of wrapping up another shirt design for my shirt line, and the commissions have been fun lately to say the least. I got the chance to finish one for the Wu Dang Pai gang in Germany for their clothing store. Check it out for all your martial arts and fitness needs, and in the mean time, check the logo I did for them below (some folks might recognize what inspired the design haha). You can follow me on Facebook as well as Instagram and . I’ll be posting progress shots of the most recent design soon, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get to see a shirt I had printed that might get mass-produced if it gets liked enough.

Bow to None, y’all.


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